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Nice to see you

Since you are here I suspect that you maby have a job position to fill and maby you are bit curious about me in my professional role, therefore I would like to tell you a little about this. If you want to dive a little deeper and see what work I have had, various recommendations I have received and various other, you can easily find my "CV" on the professional network LinkedIn.

You are very welcome here and you have questions so do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer as soon as I can.

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My "personal" letter.


My name is Håkan Lindström.


I currnetly work as a Security Manager for TietoEvry.

With the increasing importance of IT playing for each organization's operations, different responsibilities in IT and information security have become critical resources. Together with the ever-growing IT needs and security threats, I work as a security manager not only to understand the business, but also how to ensure that security works optimally in a safe and cost-effective way.

Over the years, I have acquired relevant experience and competence to shoulder various responsibilities in IT and information security in your organization. As a security manager, I can step in at short notice in, for example, incidents, substitutes or other occasions when further support is needed. As with our other services, each consultant from TietoEvry has the support of an in-house team of industry experts to provide the best possible support and expertise to manage your information security.

Before this, my most recent assignment was to act as Information Security Manager (CISO) for the County Council in Värmland. My mission was to work for establishing and enforcing the county council's information security vision. I worked at the county council staff with strategic responsibility for an organization-wide information security work throughout the organization.

The work involved everything from leading the development of the managed information security process. I also carried out activities in smaller or larger groups, such as process mapping, business mapping, risk analysis, impact assessments, GAP analyzes, safety protection analyzes. I also assisted the county council's management with advice and recommendations and as an information security officer I was also county council representative in contacts with the press and external organizations on information security issues.

I consider myself to have great skills in leadership and business development, which I base on the above as well as my good experiences from my time as IT manager for Scana Steel, management consultant, site manager at ICL in Karlstad and st.f. Head of Validation AB.

I have gained a lot of knowledge and good experience in business development, personnel responsibility and financial responsibility from my time as IT manager for Scana Steel and as site manager at ICL in Karlstad.

My grounded expertise in IT is based on my long time as a consultant and that I have obtained a number of certifications, including as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE).

I also have good knowledge and experience in management as well as administration establishment, mainly within the management model pm3, in which I am a certified management establishment, but I also have experience from other management models.


Previously, I worked as an IT coordinator for all of Värmland County's 16 municipalities under the joint operating and service committee. The duties included being project manager, solution architect and visionary for common solutions within the region. As the only full-time employee, I independently ran the Joint Operations and Service Board. It also included conducting training, presentations and information efforts both locally and abroad in Värmland's municipalities.

At Validation AB, a Telia company that was later acquired by WM-data, I worked as a st.f. head of the IT security department, I also worked here as a management consultant and had several major IT security assignments. These assignments included testing and evaluating IT security solutions for small and large companies, such as municipalities, banks, web agencies and many others.

At Validation I also managed Telia's secure network, internally called SXN, in this assignment I was the main project manager and also participated in the development of the solution design as well as project management and development of the solution.

As a management consultant on WM-data I was hired, preferably as a security consultant, management consultant and solution architect for various companies, where I among other things developed new solutions according to the wishes and needs of WM-data's customers.

A little more from the private side

Finally, I want to tell you a little bit about myself in private life. I live with my 3 smallest children in a beautiful house on the Swedish countryside. My two largest have left the estate and now it is just me, my wife Lena, my little guy, middle daughter and the little one left.

I love my life and my family. My wife and I have for many years had an assignment for Karlstad Municipality as a family home* for the middle daughter and the smallest girl. We now have legal custody of them but they have always been part of the family. (* earlier this was called "foster family" but I regard this as almost an insult to tha family because I don't think of any of my kids as other then my kids.)

I am also very interested in staying fit and exercising, so much that my profession "on the side" sins more then sexteen years are PT (personal trainer) and fitness instructor. I also love to ride my motorcycle and do it as much as I can. The whole family likes adventure and summers usually spend the family trapped in a caravan somewhere along Sweden's southern coasts.

I hope in this way I have elucidated myself and my skills a little closer and that it may help you maby to see me as a possible asset to your business.

Håkan Lindström

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